What is Barnstormers for Pete?
What started as a simple idea rapidly evolved into a national movement. Recognizing the urgency to save our democracy and gravity of the 2020 election, a group of friends in “Marathon States” (i.e., late primary voting states) decided to take action to travel to “Early States” (i.e., Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Nevada) to boost the local support of Pete Buttigieg’s presidential campaign. More people jumped on board and eventually came to be known as “barnstormers”. With the Iowa Caucus scheduled on February 3, 2020 (the first in the nation), the Barnstormers For Pete have identified the events surrounding the 2019 Fall Dinner on November 1st in Des Moines as the best place to make our debut.

What is our mission?
Barnstormers For Pete has a singular mission: to get Pete Buttigieg elected as the 46th President of the United States in 2020.

This grassroots movement aims to optimize the presidential electoral process by enabling supporters from all over the country – and even around the globe – to play an active role in the process outside of the state in which they are registered to vote in the primary/caucus and general election. Its framework is designed to facilitate the travel of supporters to key events in order to bolster the ground game for Pete while he’s on the campaign trail.

Barnstormers For Pete believe that the best way to support Pete is to join forces with the local grassroots and amplify their outreach. Through events, merchandise, media, and more, Barnstormers place voters above all else by aiming to provide the education and resources they need.

Driven by volunteers, it is built on the pillars of kindness, inclusivity, and fun. That’s the way to not only win elections, but also win the era!

What does "barnstorm" mean?
There are a few different definitions of the word “barnstorm”, which include live performances in rural areas (usually in barns), or harrowing pilot stunts flying airplane in one side of a barn and out the other. In more modern times, barnstorming has come to be known as making a rapid tour of an area as part of a political campaign. In our case, that rapid tour includes loads of passion, inclusivity, kindness, and FUN.

What role do the residents of the Early States play in the Barnstormers For Pete movement?
Because the election outcomes in the Early States can have a tremendous impact on a presidential campaign, Barnstormers For Pete understand that the voting residents of Early States are our main priority. We are there to enhance the efforts of those who currently support Pete as well as encourage more voters in the state to choose him in the caucus or primary. We can do this under the direction of each Early State’s Pete For America campaign staff.

Where can I find a rideshare?
You can connect and coordinate with other Barnstormer ridesharers on our message board.

Where can I find a roommate?
You can connect and coordinate with other Barnstormer attendees to find a roommate or offer up your extra space on our message board.

Barnstormers Iowa was AMAZING!!! What's next?
Next up Reno, Nevada on 1/18/20. Then we head back to Iowa on 2/3/20 where we will be offering rides to Iowa voters to caucus sites all over the state as part of our "Iowa PeteMobile Initiative". Finally, we'll be in Columbia, South Carolina on 2/29/20 for Primary Day where we also have tentative plans to offer rides to the polls for South Carolina voters in Columbia and surrounding areas. Plans are in the works, so if you'd like to join us you can find those links, listed by state, here on our website under 'Upcoming Events'. We will be reaching out by email to all who sign up to attend the various city events as well as posting updates on social media to let everyone know the details once we have them in place! We'll also be updating this FAQ and the event page for each location with more details including location and lodging information as we confirm plans for each state. We appreciate your patience as we are now coordinating 4 different locations and their respective events at one time, as opposed to just an handful of events in Des Moines!

Will Pete be coming to our event in each city?
No, we do not anticipate that will happen and we want to be very clear about that. Iowa was our inaugural Barnstormer weekend that had the LJ Celebration as the big event around which our other Barnstormer events were planned. "Keep Iowa Warm" was our service component, then the LJ Celebration which was an event planned by the Iowa Democrats, then the next morning the Pete-Up followed by canvassing to support the campaign, and finally an evening Buttibash to round out the trip. Our events are all intended to energize Barnstormers, build a sense of community, allow people to share ideas and their personal stories, connect, and support each other as we work to help get the word out about Pete. We will have a similar format in the other early states going forward, but those cities will not have any event like an LJ Celebration. The heart of our movement is each and every one of YOU and we exist idependent of the campaign as a grassroots organization. Obviously, we would be thrilled if opportunities arose for Pete or Chasten or any other member of the campaign to join us for the cities/dates we've planned, but we don't ever have that expectation. The Pumpkin Pete-Up in Iowa is a perfect example. All who came did so with NO expectations but to enjoy Halloween, participate in a service activity, and connect with other supporters, putting faces to names in a fun and relaxing environment. And THEN we ended up with some awesome surprise visitors who just stopped by! So, it just goes to show that you never can tell what might happen, but we want to be clear that there is never any expectation that it will.

If I want to arrive early or stay later than the day of the Barnstormer event date for reach city, will there be plans for additional campaign support?
While we will not be organizing those, you can absolutely do that and we encourage those who can to do so! Just go to the 'Events' search page on the Pete For America website, do a search by date and city, and in each city there are additional opportunities for campaign support listed by local organizers for which you can sign up! It's that easy! We will have a campaign support component as part of our schedule the day of our events as well, but the more support we can give to the campaign to get the word out about Pete, the better! Go Team Pete!

I'm planning to come back to Iowa and drive as part of The PeteMobile Initiative. When will I know where I'll be driving?
We are working with local Iowa volunteers and caucus captains to determine driving cities for each person planning to come based on need and also based on requests specific cities/areas. In the case of a person who has made requests for a certain city or area, and in a few cases, we've received other special requests related to a preference for rural driving versus highway driving, we will do our very best to honor those requests while still trying to mindful of areas that may have greater need that will allow this effort to make the most impact. We will be contacting everyone individually as soon as possible as we begin making city assignments so that you can begin to book hotels and reserve cars where applicable. Thank you for your patience! We promise to reach out to you soon!