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We recognize it's been a tough year for many and that there may be some Barnstormers who could use a helping hand in their endeavor to attend the Soulcraft Summit. As with other events, we wanted to make possible the opportunity for Barnstormers who feel led and are in a position to do so to fund an extra ticket to make it possible for others, who may otherwise not be able to attend, to come and join us for this amazing weekend. If the sponsorship ticket you're purchasing is being designated for a specific person, please send an email to soulcraftsummit@gmail.com and provide us with your name and the name of the person for whom your ticket is gifted. Tickets who are not earmarked for a specific person will be used for individuals needing a ticket on our sponsorship list. Also, please note that if you sponsor a ticket and you are unable to attend the event yourself, let us know via email and a virtual ticket with a Zoom link to the webcast will be included in your purchase. THANK YOU in advance for your generosity!

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