Who We Are
A virtual Barnstormer for Pete is any Pete supporter unable to attend the Barnstormer events in person. We support Barnstormers and Pete online and in person wherever we are located. Virtual Barnstormers follow Barnstormer events to help encourage Pete and his abundant grassroots Barnstormer support.

What We Do
We support and share the on-the-ground reports from Barnstormers throughout the grassroots Pete movement as well as our own personal outlets. We extend TLC to Barnstormers as they travel and throughout their trips.

How We Do It
Keep a running list of hashtags being used to support Pete and Barnstormers in general and for each specific Barnstormer event. Use those hashtags on each of your social media posts.
  • #BarnstormersforPete
  • #TeamPete
  • #ButtigiegBarnstormers
  • #VirtualBarnstormers4Pete
  • #ForceMultiplier
  • #PeteStorm (Used during Barnstormer roadtrips)
Keep a running list of key Barnstormer Twitter handles and follow them to see what is going on during the events. As you see the hashtags during Barnstormer events, follow as many Barnstormers as you can in order to provide them with encouragement and to keep updated yourself.

Key Barnstormers Accounts
  • @PeteBarnstormer
  • @KatSosnick
  • @ButtonsPete
  • @Lisa_Connelly
  • @Introverts4Pete
Share only supportive, fact-based, and positive messages about Pete and Barnstormers. Avoid getting into a debate or argument in reaction to false or negative stories about Pete. Be like Pete and Chasten and use every opportunity you can to uplift healthy conversation on social media!

Check the Barnstormer Facebook group and the Barnstormer Twitter . Additionally, you can find other Barnstormer social media platform links at the bottom of the pages here on the Barnstormer website.

Share what is going on at Barnstormer events as frequently as possible.

Message on Twitter any Barnstormer you are following. Send them support. Let know how important what are they doing is. There is a team of virtual Barnstormers who care about them!>

Support Barnstormer for Pete's Organizing Efforts

Show off your Barnstormer swag throughout Barnstormer events! To order Barnstormer gear you can click here .

Help sponsor Barnstormers to defray travel costs. Click here to let us know you'd like to be a sponsor .